Why Us

1) Innovative and futuristic Designs.

2) Suggestion of suitable technology for the job.

3) Cost Effective Solutions

4) All services under one umbrella.

5) Timely delivery of the project.

These are some of our qualities we can say USP through which we try and give complete satisfaction to the client.

The Concept of Sculpted Cube

The sculpted cube has been my inspiration from the First year of Graduation in the School of Architecture. We had this exercise of sculpting a clay cube. Since then I have been working on the same thought process and now we know exactly what that exercise meant. Even a simple form like a cube can be designed or sculpted to form positive and negative spaces ,making it interesting.

The same concept in our designs, may it be designing Bungalows, or Interiors or Factories. Simple Forms sculpted by additions and deletions of masses.

We believe in Clean Lines, minimal ornamentation and most importantly keeping the function of the space preferential over the design. Once the space becomes functional in concept then we work on how it will look aesthetically better.